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The Blue Prosperity Plan
a plan by and for Bermuda

Bermuda seeks a future where its marine waters contain healthy ecosystems that can support a thriving and more resilient ocean-based economy while balancing the diverse priorities of ocean users.


Bermuda’s Blue Prosperity Plan delivers on this vision with a framework that supports the sustainable management of ocean resources, coordinates decision-making about marine-based development, ensures that 20% of Bermuda’s marine waters are fully protected marine protected areas (MPAs), and provides a strategy for the sustainable growth of the Blue Economy.

This plan represents the culmination of a four-year planning and public review process led by the people of Bermuda.

Bermuda’s Draft Blue Prosperity Plan is a strategy to benefit everyone in Bermuda by:

Growing Bermuda’s ocean economy & creating jobs 

Producing cleaner, cheaper energy

Increasing investment & support to local businesses & programmes

Expanding sustainable marine tourism

Supporting sustainable local fisheries 

Managing & conserving our marine resources, including cultural heritage

Enhancing ocean health & protecting Bermuda’s unique marine life

The Blue Prosperity Plan has two parts that work together:

Blue Economy Strategy

A guideline for growing Bermuda's ocean-related industries and attracting investment opportunities.


Marine Spatial Plan

A framework for implementing sustainable ocean development, protection and management.


The Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban, JP, MP, has nominated a Review Panel, independent of BOPP, to evaluate public submissions to the Blue Prosperity Plan's proposed Marine Protected Area Network and Potential Use Areas. The comment period was extended one week to end May 7, 2024. Specific terms of the panel can be found here.


After receiving these comments, the Review Panel will evaluate and respond to the public submissions. Following the Minister’s review and decision regarding the provided recommendations, the Blue Prosperity Plan will be amended accordingly. The amended Plan, together with the submitted Panel report, will be introduced to Cabinet for consideration and approval later this year.


How can the Blue Economy provide opportunities for Bermuda?

The Blue Economy Strategy creates many opportunities to sustainably grow jobs and Bermuda's economy.
GOAL 1: Facilitate sustainable fisheries
GOAL 2: Expand sustainable marine tourism
GOAL 3: Accelerate the clean energy transition
GOAL 4: Increase blue investment & blue
technologies in Bermuda
The Blue Prosperity Plan includes the creation of the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Fund (Ocean Fund) that will attract investment and allocate resources and mentorship to local businesses. Additionally, this fund will provide financial support for enforcement and protection of Bermuda’s existing marine regulations. 

How can marine protection benefit Bermuda?

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) allow for ocean ecosystems and fish populations to replenish and grow. Protected areas will support fishermen's livelihoods, tourism, food security, and climate resilience and ensure the ocean is healthy for future generations.

Globally, fish populations are 4-6x higher in protected areas. Fish and invertebrates, such as lobster, can move beyond the borders of the protected area, this effect is known as “spillover.” For offshore waters, a recent study in Hawaii found that catch for Yellowfin Tuna increased 54% in waters nearby a fully protected Marine Protected Area.

  • Protecting and restoring our marine environment

  • Replenishing commercially important fish stocks

  • Protecting fish nursery habitats and spawning grounds

  • Maintaining full diversity of marine life

  • Protecting unique underwater geologic features, such as seamounts

  • Ensuring long-term sustainable use of natural resources

  • Safeguarding underwater cultural heritage, such as shipwrecks

  • Increasing revenue for tourism and ocean-related businesses

  • Increasing job opportunities in ocean industries


Photo by Chris Burville

Proposed protected areas in the Draft Marine Spatial Plan on the
Bermuda Platform (Shoreline to 2000 metres)

Bermuda has a history of marine protection.
Dive site protections have been in place in Bermuda’s waters for over 30 years. 

The Marine Spatial Plan includes MPA maps to create a network for Bermuda's coastal, nearshore and offshore areas.

This MPA network aims to expand currently legislated marine areas.

Click below to learn more about what areas will be protected and why.

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Explore the Interactive Map

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