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We all depend on the ocean. Bermuda seeks a future where its marine waters contain healthy ecosystems that can support a thriving and more resilient ocean-based economy, all while balancing the diverse needs of ocean users. Bermuda’s Blue Prosperity Plan is a framework that supports the sustainable management of ocean resources for our island, both now and into the future. 


The BOPP team and Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) hosted a virtual education session for local schools to "Explore Bermuda's Blue Backyard." BIOS scientists spoke with middle and senior school students about areas beneath the ocean’s surface to learn more about the island's unique marine areas. We are excited to talk with Bermuda's younger generations about the ocean and protecting this precious resource for years to come.


Bermuda's first Draft Blue Prosperity Plan, described on this page, was released in August 2022. Since then, hundreds of comments have been received through stakeholder meetings, town hall meetings, focus groups, pop-up events, emails, and surveys. This extensive public outreach has been heard and incorporated to strengthen the plan and its benefits to Bermuda.



We believe the ocean is an important component in Bermuda's recovery from the global pandemic and offers an abundance of opportunities to grow a healthy economy that benefits all. The Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme (BOPP) is working to create a comprehensive plan to sustainably use, manage, and protect that ocean, a plan which will help the economy and ensure healthy fisheries and marine ecosystems for future generations. But we can’t do it without your help.


Join our Public Launch to learn more about BOPP and our team, and hear how we are working to support a Blue Economy for a healthy marine environment. Learn about the concepts of Marine Spatial Planning and Blue Economy planning, get an update on the upcoming stakeholder consultations, and learn how exactly you can get involved. 

Hon. Walter H. Roban, JP, MP

Minister of Home Affairs

Emanuel Gonçalves

Oceano Azul Foundation

Cheryl-Ann Mapp

BOPP Site Coordinator

Roland Baldeo

Grenada Coral Reef Foundation

Kelvy Bird

Graphic Facilitator

Kyle James

Facilitator, Bermuda Business Development Agency


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