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Maritime Enforcement

The success of marine protected areas (MPAs) depends on adequate management, and continuous monitoring and enforcement. The Blue Prosperity Plan will coordinate and focus resources for enforcement to help protect against pollution, illegal, unreported & unregulated fishing, and other environmental damage.

Updates to the Blue Prosperity Plan on Maritime Enforcement

We received a variety of public feedback on enforcement issues and key themes centred on requests for:

  • An increase in education and awareness of maritime laws;

  • More patrols, patrol vessels, and enforcement technology; and

  • Enacting and enforcing stronger legislation to ensure accountability when laws are broken.

Based on this specific feedback, the Blue Prosperity Plan is being updated in the following ways: 

  • Education and outreach: Public awareness campaigns, targeted education materials, and location-specific outreach are planned for Bermuda residents and visitors on topics, such as commercial and recreational fishing laws, area closures, and MPA boundaries. 

    • This effort includes greater public consultation and support for compliance materials.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Support from partners including the UK Blue Belt Ocean Shield Programme will increase funding, training and resources for enforcement within Bermuda’s waters. Enforcement collaboration also involves various agencies within the Bermuda Government including DENR’s Fisheries Enforcement Section, the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard and the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre/Bermuda Radio.

    • In the first year of the program, funding from the UK Blue Belt Ocean Shield Programme has already purchased new equipment and provided training to Bermuda-based enforcement officers.

    • Potential involvement in global enforcement consortiums, including the International Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (IMCS) network; Global Fishing Watch’s (GFW’s) Joint Analytical Cell (coming soon).

  • Development of adaptive strategies: The Marine Resources Enforcement Strategy being developed by DENR includes recommendations for strengthened legislation and is informed by the best available data and public feedback.

  • Support and Implementation of emerging technologies: DENR, with the support of partners, is receiving assistance to test and deploy emerging technologies to enhance marine domain awareness within Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Emerging technologies include support for remote satellite surveillance and analytics, as well as tools to support traceability of seafood products.

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