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Stakeholder Engagement is a critical piece of BOPP. In order to create a comprehensive process that fulfills the needs of Bermudians, we need to hear from you!

You can:


What do you believe are the most important principles to follow as we help build a brighter future for Bermuda? 

Open for feedback until December 31st, 2020

A Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) process is guided by a set of Principles, Goals, and Objectives that determine the characteristics of the process and reflect the results desired. The BOPP Steering Committee has approved for stakeholder feedback a draft set of guiding principles, and we need your feedback to ensure they represent you. 

MSP is a practical way to guide holistic uses of marine space and the interactions between its users, to achieve economic, environmental, and social objectives in an open and planned way. To that end, comprehensive stakeholder involvement with science-based evidence and analysis is critical to creating a spatial plan that represents the needs of the communities. 

Share your feedback below on the eight Draft Core Principles of the BOPP Marine Spatial Planning Process to help guide Bermuda's ocean plan. 


The Blue Economy is defined as industries, activities, and development related to marine or fresh water. BOPP is currently researching the needs and development potential for three of Bermuda's Blue Industries: Commercial Fishing, Marine Renewable Energy, and Blue Tourism

Reports based on this research are currently being developed and will be made public once they are finalized. Stay tuned for your chance to give input on the development of a Blue Economy Strategy!


The Ocean Village is comprised of stakeholders in Bermuda that have a specific interest and perspective regarding Bermuda’s ocean environment. The role of the Ocean Village is to act as representatives of ocean interests to help BOPP better understand and address the needs and perspectives of Bermuda's communities. These perspectives will help develop the Blue Economy and Marine Spatial plans, which will provide guidance for the development of sustainable marine industries, creation of marine protected areas, and protection of fisheries well into the future. We need to hear from you to ensure these plans represent the diverse interests of Bermuda's citizens. 

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