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Stakeholder Engagement is a critical piece of BOPP. In order to create a comprehensive process that fulfills the needs of Bermudians, we need to hear from you!


The 60-day public consultation period for the draft Blue Prosperity Plan begins September 12th. Here are all the ways you can get involved: 


There will be three in-person public consultation sessions throughout September. The first session will be streamed live by CITV for those unable to attend in-person. 

Public Consultation Sessions:

  • Session 1 - Week of September 12th

    • 6:00-7:30 pm/midweek

    • Centennial Hall, Bermuda

  • Session 2 - Week of September 19th

    • 6:00-7:30 pm/midweek

    • TBD, St. George's

  • Session 3 - Week of September 26th

    • 6:00-7:30 pm/midweek

    • TBD, Somerset

The Bermuda Citizens Forum will provide information about the Plan and include an associated survey instrument with specific asks. 


If you’d like to be more involved, join an Ocean Village group! These stakeholder groups are organized by ocean use and each will meet 3-5 times over the 60-day consultation period. This means of engagement requires a larger time commitment, but you will be provided with a more detailed presentation on the draft BPP. Each Ocean village Group will submit a comment on the draft BPP for consideration.

Ocean Village groups include: 

  • Commercial Fishers

  • Recreational Fishers

  • Passive Recreation and Conservation

  • Aquaculture (Mariculture)

  • Tourism, Boating, Sports, Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming

  • Wastewater/Pollution Management Utilities, Infrastructure and Development


For more information, please contact Noelle Young, BOPP Administrative Assistant at


The feedback collected during the consultation process will be considered by the BOPP Steering Committee as it finalizes the Blue Prosperity Plan. 

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