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BOPP has partnered with the University of California, Santa Barbara’s McClintock Lab to collect data through this survey on how the residents of Bermuda use and value their marine spaces and resources. Using two online platforms (SeaSketch and Maptionnaire), respondents, categorized into seven main marine sectors, identified ocean areas in Bermuda that were important to them, as well as assigned value to those areas of interest. Survey responses will be used to create maps of the data collected. These maps will contribute to the BOPP’s overarching goal of creating a Marine Spatial Plan for the Bermuda EEZ that fosters sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable use of the Bermuda’s ocean for present and future generations. 

Please stay tuned as we analyze the data collected and create the maps to share. 


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The Ocean Use Surveys and Stakeholder Engagement process is facilitated by a group of volunteers. Thank you for your hard work!

Hannah Lampit

Sophie Adams

Whitney Butterfield

Jessica Kehrli

Patrice Ray

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